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Main Characters

Prince Galvin of Fyndia
Galvin is next in line for the throne of Fyndia. He's rather arrogant and egotistical. Currently, he's on a mission from his father to check up on some of the country's aristocracy.
Toma Veyon
Toma is best friends with Galvin, and the son of one of the king's advisors. He's rather talkative, and a bit of a rebel. He counts on his longtime friendship with the prince to keep him out of trouble. Currently, he's accompanying Galvin around the countryside.
Dyzan Loha Dyzan is a good friend of Galvin, and a sometimes friend of Toma. As the orphan of a palace guard who died saving the king, Dyzan was raised with the prince. He thinks a lot more than he talks. Currently, he's following Galvin and Toma around.