This will be the spot for random links that don't go under any of the other categories.

first and most importantly, my host: Brian

Comics I read regularly(I'll add banners soon):
Back on Earth: updates mon/thur
Ctrl-Alt-Del: updates mon/wed/fri
Geeks Next Door: updates mon/wed/fri
Girl Genius: updates mon/wed/fri
Moosehead Stew: usually updates 2-3x per week
Real Life: updats mon-fri
Stories from Osterin: updates mon-fri
Schlock Mercenary: updates daily!
Sequential Art: usually udates twice a week
Sluggy Freelance: updates daily
Wasted Talent: updates once a week
Weregeek: updates mon/wed/fri
White Noise: usually updates mon
XKCD: updates mon/wed/fri
and I'll add more as I think of them...

This page was last updated May 9, 2010